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June 23, 2011
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Zim sighed and looked at the clock. 3:00... The bell would be ringing in ten minutes. Ms. Bitters continued her lesson of Doom but a loud clap of thunder stopped her short. Everyone, except the heartless teacher, jumped at the sound and the sudden light that flashed across the sky right after. Zim groaned in his head. He had woken up to late for him to apply his daily amount of water repellent. Dib took his gaze off of the brewing storm to look at the alien on the other side of the room. Dib was shocked at the expression he saw on Zim; He was scared. Ms. Bitters slapped her desk with a ruler grabbing everyone's attention. "If you all don't pay attention, you'll all pay a visit to the Underground Classroom!" Everyone slid lower in their desks, scared.

Finally, the bell rang and everyone gathered their belongings to go home. The storm still gathered but hadn't let down any acidic liquid. Zim was grateful of this. The alien ran to his locker and grabbed everything he needed to complete homework, and ran out of the Skool, in attempt to get home before it rained. Dib followed the alien to the entrance of the Skool. Dib opened his umbrella, incase the rain began to fall before he got home. Dib continued to follow Zim until he got to the corner of his street. The human watched after the alien. 'His base was only a few blocks away. He'd be fine.'

Zim slowed his pace to a walk, out of breath. The Irken's base was in sight and it still hadn't began to rain. Zim smiled, reassured he'd get home before the storm let loose, but he the smile quickly fell when  drop of rain plopped right in front of him. Zim screeched and looked up to see several more deadly drops coming towards him. The Irken began to run again but soon tripped on an un even part of the sidewalk. By now the rain came pounding and Zim had no way of escape.

Dib closed his umbrella as he stepped onto his porch. Suddenly, he stopped when a drop hit his nose. The human froze and thought about Zim. 'He's fine. He should already be at his base with how fast he was walking. But suddenly, a high pitched, and familiar, scream pierced the air. Dib ran towards the scream without a thought against it. Dib skidded at the corner and saw Zim trip and fall. The pouring rain was burning the alien, as visible smoke began pouring off of the Irken.

Zim screamed again as he held onto himself. 'I'm going to die…. I'm going to melt into a puddle…. I can't even move the pain is so bad.' The Irken shuddered at his thoughts. Suddenly, the rain stopped around him. Zim looked around and saw Dib standing over him with his umbrella. A slight smile spread across Dib's face as he leaned over the alien. Zim pounced Dib and hugged him in a silent 'Thank you.' Zim looked all around him at the deathly acid as Dib helped him stand up. The alien stood up and hugged the human even tighter. "Thank you, Dib -sti…. ," Zim stopped his insult and continued, "Thank you… If it weren't for you… Zim would be dead." Dib hugged Zim trying to calm the alien. Suddenly, the sun gleamed through the fabric of the umbrella. But the two stayed there, in the warming hug, neither of them, willing to move.
Lol i got the idea for this when it started pouring down rain when coincidentally... I was watching one of the Invader Zim episodes where it is in fact raining.....

HEYO!!!!! Lol I’m still alive….. But my writer’s block is being taken over with drawing ideas… but as all of you know… my drawing suck and belong in the fiery depths of hell…. Anypoodle I have a contest for all you ZADR/ZADF lovers!!!!! I want to see who can draw the best image for the FanFic I have created above :D

can yall do that? PLEASE?! Lol If you do this put the link of your picture in a comment… THANKS I love you all!!!! <3


I'm thinking of Redoing this in my new awesome writing skillz I think I got over the summer... What a'll think?

Entry 1: [link]
Entry 2: [link]
Entry 3: [link]

Zim, Dib, and everything else: (c) to Jhonen
Story: (c) to MEH
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hetha4eva Jun 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i love it! soooo sweet.
Invader-kiyL Mar 23, 2013
Aww I love it!!!
emiley97 Jun 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Glad you like it ^^
Invader-kiyL Jul 1, 2013
no prob ^^
ShadazeForever Apr 9, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
emiley97 Jul 31, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks ^w^
ShadazeForever Aug 11, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
your welcome.
DarkAngel-777 Feb 4, 2012  Student Photographer
so sweet
emiley97 Jul 31, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
nawwww its so cute i wuv it!!!!
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